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Internet Resilience: Discussions, Brainstorms and Plans for Web Communication and Web Security

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Social WebAs many know, evolution and change comes from external pressures.

There are two distinct external pressures for the plan we are working on: The DDoS attack on Oct 21st and potential dangers of free speech and communication in the US. 

The problem we address: What happens if the internet goes down/isn't secure? How do we function w/out it? How do we ensure freedom of speech survives... that a history of records and data remains available... and that international communication is available without aggressive force or retaliation from gov't?

The answer is not simple, and there will not be only one solution but many. To have only one defense still allows for weakness, and weak points in our internet platforms is exactly what we are looking at now. To have one offense, is also, inefficient.

We aim to support each other, through vetted international networks, during this uncertain time, and we have focused especially on ways we can still use the internet as a communication tool for fact-checked truths, news, information, calls for help and action, and social mobilization.

Looking back on history, we seek to deter the mistakes our ancestors have made and also to predict the next steps those in power will take based on what we've already seen happen in other parts of the world: after all, humans are more or less predictable.

The product of these talks that are happening now in cities around the country, in private web channels around the world, are still yet to be determined. We do, however, have some solutions and I'll be bringing those to the web (in some form) and privately at in-person events in December and January. 

If you want to be part of this discussion and contribute, please comment and/or message me.

Good luck and be diligent in your growth.