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Healthy Self-Care

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Awesome. Another bill from Kaiser with an unexpected cost. 

"I thought I paid this upfront..." I think, reflecting that the co-pay that I paid the day of the appointment was steep enough without adding a post-appointment bill. 

I keep myself pretty physically healthy with generally good eating. I don't like fast-food, greasy or fried meals (except fried chicken... that's just damn delicious, so I have it now and then). I don't like to drink soda or sugary drinks. I try to cut back on too much dairy, bread, sugar and fatty foods. I focus on protein and greens/veggies more than anything. I do yoga and work out, both strength-building and cardio. I get just enough sun -but not too much- and I sleep enough. 

Mental health is harder to manage. Stress is a serious inhibitor of health and body-function. I should meditate more. I should stop and breathe more. I should create a better system for myself.

This one time... the first time ever in my life... I couldn't solve my own life's riddles. I went to a therapist. Big leap of faith for me, and I still can't be certain the therapist really understood what my problems were. After all, if it took this long to go to one, my life's problems are probably not basic issues. My concerns aren't of the norm. My life isn't normal. Never has been. But, I've been able to handle it on my own without outside help.

Luckily, the therapist was... kinda helpful. But you know what? I don't want to pay what they're charging. So I'm not going to go anymore. Yeah. That isn't what you're supposed to do. But screw it.

So what now? Well, I have some amazing and wise friends (partially luck, partially due to the fact they're much older and have "been there, done that").

Here's the problem: too many people don't have that option. And here's where my ideas for self-care are going to originate with me and extend to others.

Yoga, meditation, and creative community. I want it. It isn't here. Elk Grove is a vast and empty land waiting to be cultivated. The potential is here, but it seems like very few are planting seeds and harvesting the crops.

I need to dedicate myself to a very healing yogic practice -with pranayama (meditative breathwork)- and this community doesn't have yoga in the park here. They only have gyms and a Bikram studio. 

There aren't really open-mic nights here, either. I want to connect with poets and performers and musicians. 

So, it's time to plan some days and be there (for myself, first) and then through that self-dedication, invite others to join. 

Yoga in the Park.... Open-Mic Night at a local, mom-and-pop coffee shop....

Self-care, self-motivated, and open to the public. 

After all... community makes you stronger. And feeding the community decreases isolation, loneliness, and boredom. 

Let's see what happens.


Namaste, y'all.