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Here to speak the truth, change the world, and translate the world's chaos into common sense.
(Cultural anthropologist, singer/songwriter, yoga instructor, educator, and, of course, writer.)


My most recent articles have been about project development! How to make sure your idea is one you can pursue... and how to get money for that project once you are certain it's a good investment!
Here are some links to the publications:


Another publication, this time more straight to the point. Should you consider adding independent contractors or even an outsourced team to help complete your project? Find out for yourself and consider your options by reading this article!


Knocked another article out of the park for Nectar Product Design. I love working for my dear friends, but your staff just happens to be beautiful and amazing and a joy to write about! Here's the latest article about a kickass lady named Stacie Depner:


Just wrote and published an article for Nectar Product Design on one of their long-time team members, John Duval. I love how it turned out. Check it out!


Hello World! Here's the first status update: Switched from WordPress to Known. Let's see how this goes!